#FreakyFriday: Exorcism w/Archbishop Ronald Feyl Enright

This is the #FreakyFriday episode you’ve been dying to hear. Today we delve deep into the dark world of demonism and the spiritual warriors who battle against them.

An exorcist for 40 plus years with involvement in over 850,000 investigations, Archbishop Ronald Feyl Enright is intimately aware of the works of darkness. Archbishop Feyl has performed many religious services, such as last rites, house blessings and exorcism rituals. He is the Chief Exorcist for The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel. Archbishop Feyl devotes most of his time writing books, articles and investigating paranormal matters. He and members of the Order of Exorcists are available by appointment for demonic investigations, exorcisms, house blessings and other religious rituals

Father Ron gives us a run down of his involvement with exorcisms and the difference between possession, oppression, and infestation, the process of investigating potential demonic harassment and the dangers of working in the ministry. When he talks about dangers, he means that quite literally. In 2014, an exorcism took a near fatal turn when Archbishop Enright was physically attacked by a demonic entity, which left him struggling for years. Listen to that story and how he continues to overcome on today’s episode.

Although semi-retired, Father Ron still helps others via researching and education through St. Michael’s Seminary Studies of Assessment Science, Online Demonic Profiling Studies designed for Clergy & Investigation Teams.

If you need help, you may contact The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel here: chief.exorcist.archbishop@gmail.com.

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