Freaky Friday: I’ve Seen Dead People with Former Deputy Coroner Donna Francart

There are many ways to help people deal with the passing of a loved one. Be it an expected decline, or sudden, having to face the fact that you’ll never be able to speak to someone again on this side of the veil can be unbearable for some people. Enter Donna Francart.

Donna was a deputy coroner for 9 years, working on over 2,000 medicolegal cases, which means she has seen some stuff. Today, she joins us to discuss how she got into working with the coroner, her experience as a deputy coroner and some odd paranormal activity that seems to have followed her throughout her life.

Since working with death all day, every day for years has a tendency to mess with your mind, Donna turned to journaling which became her book, “I’ve Seen Dead People.” After all, discussing the macabre details of death scenes isn’t exactly dinner table conversation. Through the cathartic process of writing, she was able to help herself deal with the impact of death and learn how to help others.

Listen in to this fascinating conversation with Donna as she chronicles a life of death, the paranormal, and the afterlife.

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