Fourth of July Celebration and Fighting to Keep Freedom

Happy Independence Day, everyone! It’s that time of year when we celebrate the awesomeness of separating from tyrannical governments. But are we really free?

Did you know that grilling is “disgusting”? That’s what Josh Barro said last week, right before the Fourth of July celebration. Find out how is article trying to talk me out of grilling actually made me more hungry.

Today we talk about the Surfside, Florida building collapse and a heartbreaking discovery made by a first responder.

We then take a trip to a vaccine center where a man is taken out via stretcher after having, what seems to be, a seizure.

Geoengineering makes its way into the new House Democrat backed climate plan. We talk about the dangers of stratospheric aerosol injections.

Kroger is surveilling us and some people think it’s for child trafficking. But, that doesn’t fit with it’s location.

During the second hour, Aaron reads the entire Declaration of Independence to remind us of where we came from.

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