Fighting Human Trafficking with David Zach of The Exodus Road

Believe it or not, human sex trafficking and modern day slavery are still a huge market in the world. With the advent of Qanon, many have taken a skeptical approach to this topic and refuse to give credibility to its legitimacy.

But whilst it may detract from the truth, the reality is that 40.3 million people trapped in modern day slavery, contributing to the $150 BILLION criminal industry of human trafficking. Of these, 75% are female and 25% are male.

Enter Exodus Road. David Zach joins us to discuss how Exodus Road uses modern technology to help police, free survivors, arrest traffickers. They also provide search and rescue teams, counseling, and the help needed to get children back to their families and acclimate to society.

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David Zach is the lead singer and songwriter for the rock band Remedy Drive, as well as an advocate in the fight against human trafficking. The band has recorded a trilogy of concept albums on justice to shine a light on slavery and to celebrate the modern-day abolition movement. The band’s community and fan base have contributed over $500,000 in donations and in-kind donations to the counter-trafficking organization The Exodus Road.

When the band is not on tour, David volunteers with The Exodus Road as an undercover operative with The Exodus Road. He joins the national teams around the world investigating the criminal networks responsible for trafficking women and teenagers in red-light districts, back alleys, hotels, and online. This work supports the ongoing efforts of the organization’s national investigators in the countries that The Exodus Road works in. The organization has contributed to the freedom of 1500 survivors of trafficking and the arrest of 800 traffickers so far.

Upon returning from deployment overseas, David uses the band and his platform to advocate for the victims of human trafficking, to shine a light on slavery, and to speak about his time overseas with the goal of recruiting and funding this work. He has spoken at many of the major festivals during talkback sessions, main stages, and seminar tents. He also speaks at universities, conferences, and places of worship. David’s message centers upon a core belief of both Remedy Drive and The Exodus Road – “Justice is in the hands of the ordinary”.

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