Happy Father’s Day and Alcohol Can Be A Gas with David Blume

Happy Father’s Day to all those dad’s who stick around and those who take up the mantle and step in as a real dad. We need stronger father’s, stronger men who are willing to stand up for what is right.

One such situation is Pastor Tim Stephens who was arrested in Canada for having illegal church services. Officers showed up at his house and arrested him – in front of his family, with children crying – for carrying out his God-ordained responsibilities of having church. What are you willing to do to ensure that we can celebrate our freedoms?

How about some UFO/UAP and government full-disclosure news? What would it mean to Christianity if there were alien life? We also cover some odd news out of the Vatican.

Odds are you’ve encountered some issues when ordering from your favorite restaurant. It’s a shortage of workers – but what is the reason behind it? We’ll take a dive into that.

David Blume joins us in the second hour of the show to light the fires of alcohol as a fuel. Do you know the history of way petroleum has become our primary fuel source in America? Would you be surprised to find that it was about money and control? Listen as we discuss the clean burning fuel of alcohol, how you can reclaim your freedom by making it yourself, and how David dispels myths about food shortages and damage to vehicles.

Biofuel pioneer and alternative energy expert, and author of the Amazon.com
best seller book Alcohol Can Be A Gas!

David Blume is an active commercial farmer and serial entrepreneur, owner/operator of California Certified Organic Farm (CCOF) Whiskey Hill Farms, and co-founder of Blume Distillation LLC. Don’t forget the Monterey Bay Renewable Fuels 1 and David has been working to deliver life-critical healthcare solutions for individuals and communities using locally produced alcohol to make energy, and organic sanitizers that prevent the spread of germs and pathogens. Blume is a globally renowned consultant on regenerative agriculture and the conversion of food waste-to-biofuel and profits.

David is a recipient of the American Corn Growers Association “Truth in
Agricultural Journalism” award, and has consulted with Governmental Energy and Ag Agencies, Farmers, Municipalities and Business Entrepreneurs around the world on stopping deforestation and using waste resources to produce clean, low-cost and local energy solutions sustainably.

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