#FreakyFriday: Dream Interpretation with John E Thomas


Is it possible that God may be answering the most difficult questions of life while you are snoozing? My guest today says that’s a possibility. John E. Williams is the President of Streams Ministries (https://streamsministries.com/) and his passion is to see the church rise up in authority. Part of that is being able to understand if God is communicating to you during your dreams.

John gives us some of his background, we begin a discussion on cessationism verses continuationism. Most of the discussion hinges upon whether a Christian accepts that God still communicates with us in modern day outside the Bible. What does this mean for the doctrine of Sola Scriptura? Glad you asked because we talk about that, too.

During the second hour, John hears dreams from our listeners and applies the principles of dream interpretation to show how you can begin to vet your dreams for possible messages.


John and his wife, Dawna, were radically saved out of the drug culture in 1996. Personally mentored by John Paul Jackson, they have been on staff or worked alongside Streams Ministries since 2004.
After John Pual passed away, John began to work more closely with the Streams leadership and in 2016 was asked to become the President of Streams Ministries International.

With John’s background as a pastor and minister in various settings, around the world, John has a unique perspective on prophetic ministry and the global body of Christ.

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