#FreakyFriday: Beyond Human Author Eve Herold and Small “t” Transhumanism

Are you, or someone you know, destined to live past 130 years old? Or past 160? Today we talk about the often feared topic of “transhumanism” with Eve Herold, author of “Beyond Human: How Cutting Edge Technology is Extending Our Lives.”

Many have an idea about transhumanism and the many sci-fi type realities that often times come with it. However, what many don’t know that is that pacemakers, artificial hearts, and other organs could be categorized as “little ‘t’ transhumanism.”

Join us as Eve and I explore the realities of life extending technologies and how quickly they are becoming a reality.

Eve Herold is a science writer specializing in issues at the intersection of science and society. Her work crosses boundaries between science and medicine, and examines the sociological and ethical impact of cutting-edge science. She is the past director of the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at the American Psychiatric Association and has served as the director of Public Policy Research and Education at the Genetics Politics Institute. She has written and spoken extensively about stem cell research and the many aspects of leading-edge medicine. She is currently working on a book about social robots.

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