#FreakyFriday: The Last Days Masquerade with Pastor Carl Gallups

Some say that we are living in the Last Days of mankind; the few hours before the clock strikes midnight, triggering the return of Christ to this earth. As we rapidly approach His Second Advent, there are signs we can pick up along the way. One of them is the rise in demonic activity around the world.

On today’s #FreakyFriday episode, Pastor Carl Gallups joins us to discuss his book, “Masquerade: Prepare for the Greatest Con Job in History” and the supernatural events surrounding its release. In Masquerade, he demonstrates how demonic activity is not only increasing, but has infiltrated establishments at all levels of society.

Using his decades as a decorated Florida law enforcement officer and the skills of investigation he learned there, he opens scripture to reveal what he believes are Biblical truths behind today’s UFO phenomenon, COVID-19 craziness, mask mandates, and climate of fear.

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