Breaking Down Marilyn Manson’s Sexual Abuse Allegations, Child Sacrifice and Ritual Abuse in Hollywood

The satanist Marilyn Manson is being accused of grooming and sexually assaulting former girlfriend, Rachel Wood.  Can anyone be surprised?  The sex slave industry is a massive moneymaker bringing in $150 billion dollars annually.  
Hollywood and the music industry trains and grooms children consistently.  The Luciferian child sacrifice guilds abduct children by the hundreds of thousands, sell them to the elites to harvest adrenochrome.
Multiple testimonies from Hollywood insiders tell how the Elite in entertainment abduct, abuse, perform Satanic, trauma-based mind control, and ultimately sacrifice children. Elijah Wood, Mel Gibson, and Macaulay Culkin testify to the dark underbelly of Hollywood.
Child sacrifice is rooted in Satanic worship and has been for decades:

“In Magic, blood sacrifice releases a flash of power, which the magician uses for a spell or conjuration. The old grimoires call for killing animals and using their skins to make parchment used in drawing the magical symbols needed. Animals offered should be young, healthy and virgin, for the maximum release of energy. The letting of blood, and the fear and death throes of the victim, add to the frenzy of the magician,” Source: Sacrifice – Occult World

Also, Black Lives Matter shows that it was never about black lives but only about imparting an occultic form of Marxism on anyone of differing beliefs.  Their 13 Guiding Principles further reveal that they wish to attack the “nuclear” family (which is simply an attack on God Himself), affirm perverted lifestyles, promote Marxism.  Black Lives Matter is a Trojan Horse to help bring on social Marxism and Communism.  
How does the family mirror the Gospel?  Found out more on The Breakdown.
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