The Breakdown – Biden is God and Loves the New World Order, Patriots Are Terrorists, Vaccines and Media Bias

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The Breakdown – hosted by Aaron Barker (@breakdradio)
The media has found yet another person over whom they can salivate – it’s Joe Biden.  In attempting to make him better than what he actually is, they have referred to him with scriptures that are talking about God.  Not only this, but they feel some type of esoteric hug from the man.  All of this is very disconcerting.
But China Joe has his own slobbering love affair – the New World Order.  A rediscovered essay written by the CCP installed Dictator Biden reveals just how much he adores globalism.
In the first day of Biden’s fake presidency, there were seventeen Executive Orders signed just to combat COVID-19.  Listen as Aaron breaks them down and lets you know just how they will be implemented.
Vaccines are killing people and causing allergic reactions to those who make it through the jab alive.  Somehow, though, those who are against the vaccines are considered the extremists and terrorists.
Big Media is calling for Trump supporters to be deprogrammed and treated like Isis terrorists.  Yes – that is where we are now.
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