The Breakdown: Forced Cafe Closures, Prepping and Suffering Well

We are facing another round of shutdowns in the United States.  There are many businesses all over the nation who are staying open regardless of their governors demands.  One local shop in Kentucky has lost their license from the board of health and may face additional fines if they stay open.  What should these owners do in the face of these demands?
Kentucky coffee shop loses license over defying coronavirus order
Not only is there a renewed push from states to close businessess again but Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is saying that you don’t have a constitutional right to not wear a mask. 
It’s always important to remember that our hope doesn’t come from wordly governments or politicians – our True Hope is in Jesus Christ and His provision.  How can we balance trust in God with wisdom to prepare?  Recall that Solomon told us in Proverbs 6:6-11 that we are to be like the ant who prepares for in the summer and gathers food in the harvest.  There is nothing wrong with preparing to take care of our families especially when grocery stores are closing down and food lines are forming outside.
Is Jesus a vaccine?  John Hagee seems to think so.  This year has definitely provided many opportunites for us to see just how much suffering can happen to us.  How do we suffer well?  How do we deal with the pain that comes through any affliction, not just COVID-19?  Too many try to avoid pain missing out on the richness of Christ that we can experience during heartache.  How do we suffer well?
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