The Breakdown: Speaking the Truth in Love, Conversion Therapy vs. Biblical Counseling, and Marriage Advice

What does it mean to “speak the truth in love”?  Some see it as weakness, otherse see it as always calling out sin.  What is the Biblical process?  What does it look like in real-time?
Conversion therapy is not Biblical Counseling – there is a big difference between the two.  One is behavior modification through unproven methods.  The other seeks to restore the spiritual aspect of a person by walking alongside them and teaching them how to practically apply the principles of scripture and getting to the heart of the problem – which is a problem of the heart.  One glorifies the methods, the other glorifies Christ.
Culture has a bad habit of infiltrating churches and infecting our worship, message, and purpose.  And some churches have a bad habit of letting the culture get away with it.  What does it look like when the culture begins to shape how Christians talk about sex within the confines of marriage?
While we’re talking about marriage, have you ever thought about what habits lead to divorce?  Not so you can do them but so you won’t do them.  Take a journey with Aaron as he gives you some advice on marriage and how to avoid divorce in this seperation-crazy society.
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