The Breakdown – #FreakyFriday Edition; COVID and Turkey Day, UFOs, Signs, and Wonders – Oh My!

COVID is still wreaking havoc on all of the world and is causing much consternation as we approach Thanksgiving.  Gov. Andy Beshear in Kentucky has added additional restrictions/suggestions which are supposed to help stop the spread of COVID.  Will they?  Have they so far?  We’ll talk about that and how the church and Christians are responding.
Kentucky Gov. Beshear enacts new wave of ‘targeted’ Covid-19 restrictions – Cincinnati Business Courier 
Beshear issues new restrictions as COVID cases, deaths surge
COVID not only impacts our social gatherings but it is hampering our rights, too.  Not only are social media outlets “fact checking” posts about COVID, but they have upped their restrictions on election posts also. But what will happen when you post something about the Bible, the Resurrection, or Christianity in general? Will you be fact-checked? Aaron Barker thinks those days are just ahead.
You can see this as new Conversion Therapy bans are happening across the globe. Not only are definitions being changed to include legitimate Biblical Counseling, it’s beginning to impact regular religious speech and preaching.
Why ‘conversion therapy bans’ are really about banning Christian preaching, teaching, pastoral support
Now for #FreakyFriday – Tucker Carlson follows the truth – even if it means investigating UFOs.  On a segment of his show he said that there is evidence of possibley flying saucers so they investigate.  Did you know that there has been a drastic decline in abducutions since the early part of the 21st Century?  The reason is simple – cell phone cameras.  
These have not only impacted UFOs – but the signs and wonders movement.  Oh, this is gonna be fun!
Tucker Carlson Cites His UFO Obsession as Proof He’s ‘Open Minded’ (Video)
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