UK Government Considers Only Letting Citizens Out Once Weekly, Encourages Not Talking to Friends You See In Public

Governments Are Becoming More Tryannical With COVID Restrictions And Lockdowns

The UK government is concerned that their citizens are becoming “complacent” with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. As such, they are eyeing all types of new restrictions that sound more like a dystopian novel than legitimate mitigation measures.

According to the Daily Mail, a Whitehall source revealed that 10 Downing Street has discussed the possibility of residents only being allowed to leave their houses once a week. Although Number 10 denies this discussion, they have admitted to increasing enforcement and policing.

How will the UK government enforce such laws? One doesn’t have to think to far back to remember the videos of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as they welded people in their homes, used wood to block doors and covered entrances of residences with coal ash at the beginning of the COVID outbreak.

If the UK government moves forward with such laws, will their next move be to prevent people from leaving their homes?

Matt Hancock, the British Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, told a Downing Street briefing that people must abide by the rules and that ‘strengthening enforcement is necessary’ citing the behavior of the public as the key factor.

Preventing people from leaving their homes isn’t the only Draconian steps Number 10 would like to take. Nadhim Zahawi, the “Vaccines Minister” has place businesses in their crosshairs stressing that everyone should wear masks, follow the one-way guidelines of the supermarkets and asked people not to chat with friends the bump into outside their homes.

So here we have the British government suggesting that citizens should only leave their houses once a week, should always wear masks, should not talk to people they know outside their homes, and shouldn’t sit on park benches when they go out to exercise.

World governments have taken the COVID-19 to the extreme and will continue to push the agenda that we must be separate to be together. What’s next? Will we have to stay away from people within our own homes? Be required to wear our masks while we watch television or prepare our meals in our personal residences?

There will continue to be further crack down on the populations as long as the lie of COVID-19 continues.

Aaron Barker is Editor in Chief of The Daily Barker and host of The Breakdown.  Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Parler, MeWe, Gab, and YouTube.

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