Ontario Woman Fined and Ticketed After Leaving Children At In-Laws Home To Shop

Neighbors Complained To The Police About High Traffic At Local Home Causing Police To Respond

A mother in Ontario was fined $880 after she left her children at their grandparents house so she could go shopping. According to Global News:

Natasha Kohl said she was simply dropping her children off at her father-in-law’s home for child care while she ran a few errands.

“I think it’s crazy because I did explain to the officer that that was my father-in-law who had the kids and he clearly watched me pick up my three kids from the house,” she told Global News Monday afternoon.

According to police, Kohl was not in compliance with the Reopening Ontario Act which does allow for obtaining or providing child care. However, bureaucratic do-gooders dispute the Kohl’s claims.

Derek Rogers, the media relations coordinator for the OPP’s west region office wanted to clarify that there was no arrest for child care.

“I would like to point out that this individual was not charged for dropping her kids off at [the] grandparents. She was charged for violating the Reopening Ontario Act,” he wrote in a statement to Global News on Monday.

Constable Ed Sanchuk said in a news release that police had been contacted after several people were seen at the residence. Officers “attending the area” monitored the house, watched as Kohl picked up her children, pulled out of the driveway and proceeded to drive home. Sanchuk said that the police “conducted an investigation.”

This is proof that the police state is alive and well thriving with the help of local tattletales assisting with turning in their neighbors for violating COVID-19 lockdown rules. As the response to COVID-19 continues to ravage free nations it will be used as a Trojan Horse to deliver full-on Martial Law resulting in arrests, detention, and ultimately elimination of any parties who refuse to comply with the governments Draconian restrictions.

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